Kids Zone


Your child will be thrilled to celebrate with Hammer & Stain in studio or with one of our mobile DIY workshops. Unique and stylish projects will be so much fun for the birthday boy or girl to complete with their friends. We work with you to make sure each child has a personalized design they will love!

  • Bring your own food/decorations
  • We give you up to 2 hours of creativity!
  • Our amazing staff offers guided instruction for each project!
  • We provide all of the materials.
  • Each guest will leave with a beautiful, fun, whimsical piece!!
  • Hammer & Stain handles all of the clean up so you can enjoy the party!
  • Guest requirements: in studio, minimum of 8 except Friday/Saturday evenings, minimum of 12 guests. Mobile parties require minimum of 12 people.


  • Wood projects:
    • 6x20 name planks ($30/person) Child's name plus small design 
    • 12in square ($35/person) 10-15 designs catered to age range, likes, etc.
    • 12in round ($40) 10-15 designs catered to age range, likes, etc.
  • Squishy projects:
    • stuff-a-squishy plus canvas painting ($40/person)
    • stuff-a-squishy plus 10in square ($50/person)        


We are currently a vendor with Sky Mountain and Granite Mountain Charter Schools and are always looking to be a vendor for other Charter Schools in our area! If you would like us to become a vendor with your charter, please submit a request with your charter school or you can contact the owner, Jill at 951-221-5540 for further info.

We offer workshops throughout the year for kids that will be posted on our homepage. However, we want to provide an outlet of creativity for your kids all the time! Typically, we offer projects ranging from $10-40 that your children can make during open paint hours. Please submit a purchase order with your teacher for a project and I will contact you once approved. We will then choose a date/time to come into the studio and pick a personalized design for your child (wood projects only).

  • Wood projects
    • 6x20 name planks ($30/person) Child's name plus small design
    • 12in square ($35/person) personalized design chosen by child
    • 12in round ($40) personalized design chosen by child
  • Ceramics (design varies based on studio stock)
    • small $10
    • medium $15
    • large $20
    • Extra large $30
  • Stuff a squishy $35


Feel free to bring your children in during any of our open paint hours and choose from kids projects already in studio ranging from $7-$40. If you would like a specific project or design ready for your child to complete, please contact Jill at 951-221-5540 to pre-order. 

    SUMMER CAMP 2024

    Early registration begins February 1st! Price increases March 1st and we only allow 12-16 kids per week so don't wait to book! Registration button is on the homepage under "What's Happening"



    Here’s what we offer:

    Live instruction events: We will come to you and provide a hands on event that will be fun for the whole family! Projects typically range between $15-$45/per person depending on which project you choose. There is a minimum of 30 participants for an onsite event. We will help you choose designs for the event that will best suit your parents/kids/theme. Projects choices include our traditional wood/stencil projects or our new Hammer and Friends stuffies! Our Hammer and Friends entail stuffing your choice of stuffed animal, placing a wood heart inside and filling out an adoption certificate. Hammer and Friends can also include a shirt with your school logo! The day of the party, we will bring everything needed! The only thing we ask is that tables and chairs be provided by the school.

    At the party, each guest will choose their own paint colors (for wood projects) and we will walk them through how to complete their masterpiece! Parties typically last approx. 1 1/2-2 hours depending on the size.

    Take Home Kits: This is a great option for in classroom fun where instruction is not needed, though we will provide pre-recorded video instruction for some added guidance. Projects range from $5-$35/per person with no minimum required. We will provide all materials to complete the project on your own time!

    Fundraisers: Fundraisers can be done for either live instruction events or take home kits. Typically we will up charge the projects $5-$10/per person; depending on the size of the project. This up charge will then go directly back to the school.

    For more information or to schedule an event please contact Jill Klee at 951-221-5540 or